Welcome to BBM and the Diamond Club!  I go by Willie here on the boards and monitor these boards to help out with questions that arise during the season.  This year I want to host this topic and supply tutorials as the season progresses to help new users and even some newer users to understand what needs to be done, when and how.  These are all my opinions so take them as that.

When leagues open up, I am going to create an Express League that I will ask people to join with me.  I will walk everyone through what I normally do during each step of the way.  My descriptions will be geared toward an Ultimate League (which I am the most familiar with and is probably the best league type to compete in) so I will try to point out differences as we go.  Not too many differences really with an Express League

If we fill up a league, I will create another one for people to join with me.  Please sign up only if you are interested in learning how to play and you plan to play the full season.  I want to help introduce people to BBM and how it works so they can feel good about signing up for an Ultimate League or even a Keeper league.  This is the best fantasy baseball game that I have tried and I would be happy to get more people interested in the game.

Enrollments are open so I will be creating the league shortly with the settings for it.  I will do an NL-only league first as I am most familiar with the NL only.  But, future leagues may go into AL or the AU…best of both.  We’ll see how many people are interested.

My next post will be regarding getting signed up and we will get right into draft lists, salary caps, and settings.


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