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I am trying to climb my way back to Odyssey...but my draft has only been  only so/so.
Solid Starting Pitching
Weak hitting in the OF
Need to have Correa and Ramirez repeat their strong last year performance.
Should be a  very competitive league...noticed that Tony's Tigers ran away with the league title last year...
How did that happen?

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Tommy D
My Firebirds are new to the league after winning Helios last year. Very competitive draft and free agency. Should be a fun season to see how it all sorts out. Who are the likely contenders?
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My experience after running Progression for over a decade says the most likely winner will be either the guy who just came down from Level 1 Odyssey (Potnoy) because he's already won through the system to get to Odyssey and is very experienced. The other most likely, strangely, are the newest guys who are just starting their careers (Tommy D and Walker). Both of those guys won over 100 games at Level 3 last season and are unknown entities, but could be very good. Newer guys tend to either do really well or get overwhelmed by the intensity of the competition and get demoted back to Level 3. Calypso is stocked full of vets, so it's a tough road. Any of the existing vets can win it in any given year also.  
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Bulletin:  By Chillary Hinton.

After talking with that bad breath, cussing manager The Bleak, he 
was very cagey about his picks. There was not one player I put on
my list drafted. He actually threw me out of the dugout and told me to
take all that "fake news" to the Washington Post. 

So, not much news to report but I heard him tell his General Manager Colen Powell
he was looking to trade up his infield. "All of my players are up for sale if the trade is
a win/win and good for both teams!

Starting the season with Bundy, Tanaka, Grey, Clevenger, Graveman is looking good.
Sorry to get rid of Archer but I got two solid infielders. 

In a coupe of days there won't be any decent picks in the free agency, so, think 
about trading with the trademeister.

The Bleak (currently in first place)[smile][smile][wink][crazy][wave]

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The crusty old manager of the Spikes, The Bleak, said: "I am very pleased with the draft! Our General
Manager Ronald Drump,  has big, big pockets!"  Tribune Reporter:  Chilliar Hinton--More to come.

Remember the Trademeister is ready to make win - win trades again this year.  spartan1.jpg 
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Should we make an effort to fill the 3 league openings ?
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Well the trademeister ole fiesty manager of the Spikes, The Bleak, is back again:"*7$fe)4%% everybody is on the DL.  Mancini, cancer, Meadows the virus,
Junis, and Means out; and last night the fans set fire to stadium entrance."   Well I am already looking for win/win trades even money.  Play ball I am excited
to be back for some fun and baseball. Go TB Rays!
  The Bleak, Tiny Tim General Manager, dual owners Cill Blinton & Tonald Drump. What a great management team we can''t lose. Best baseball team of all time.
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Another Rays fan, not too many of us out there.   Hoping to get Glasnow back soon.
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