I may have been a little off relief pitching. Express may not have long relief and short relief...just an FYI.  It might only be in Ultimate.  We will find out soon enough.

Setting your Lineups

In Ultimate Leagues, you are presented with 4 lists to maintain.  Tomorrow's Lineup, Next Day's Lineup, Standard Lineup versus a right handed pitcher and Standard Lineup versus a left handed pitcher.

For us, I expect we will have one standard lineup and the Tomorrow's, and Next Day's lineups only since Express does not deal with left-handed versus right-handed lineups

Your standard lineup will have all 8 positions and each drop down will show you who has appearances at that position and is eligible to be set in the lineup at that position.  The standard lineup will become the "Next Day's Lineup" for tomorrow.  This will help you so you don't always have to tweak your lineups everyday.

Tomorrow's lineup will become your lineup for tomorrow night's game and will lock in overnight.  The Next Day's lineup will become Tomorrow's Lineup overnight.  You can make changes to these lineups all you want and they will not affect our standard lineup.

I believe we also have a "Use Standard Lineup" button which will basically put your standard lineup into your Tomorrow or Next Day Lineup and override whatever is already in those lineups.  Can save a few steps.

I believe that is the basic visual here.  There are some little things we will discuss as the season gets rolling.



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