As I try to think of items I may have missed about the draft process, I thought I would talk a little bit about post-draft.

After our 8 days of fun drafting, we move into a slight post-draft pause.  Your game interface will have a whole bunch of new options to choose from.  I will try to break these down later.

The most important thing is you have a roster of 28 guys...most likely you will have 2 or 3 guys that you really don't want.

The free agent lists will come out with those guys that weren't drafted and also any other guys that are in the BBM databases.  The default salaries for the "other" guys will be 100K...the minimum.  The undrafted guys might be 100K, but there will most likely be guys that weren't drafted that will have much higher salaries (refer to my discussion on how salaries are set during the draft)...all depends on if you spent money like drunk sailors during the draft or not...[smile]

Free Agents can't be acquired until they are free agents for 3 days.  So, that gives you 3 days to look over the lists and lock in a free agent claim.  After that, you will probably be making free agent claims pretty frequently throughout the season...only 1 allowed per night.

Ultimate League option for Free Agents
The reason that the league Option for seeing Free Agent Bids is so controversial is because of this period right after the draft.  There are a lot of good free agents and there are 10 managers that are vying to pick them up.

I don't see this setting in Express so I am pretty sure we are automatically set to Not see Free Agent Bids.

Free Agency is a bidding process.  If a guy is 2000K, you must bid at least 2000K for the person.  If someone else outbids for 3000K, you will not be awarded the guy.  If you both bid 2000K, the team with the higher remaining payroll gets the guy.  I haven't seen the next tiebreaker ever happen.

I once got shut out of free agency for the first 3 days after the draft...not good at all.  But, I still made the playoffs.  So, you may get shut out of some free agents, but try not to worry.

The max bid is 5000K...it is very possible you will see a couple of those...especially in leagues that have No to see Free Agent Bids.

Lots of people think it is their right to be able to get guys (don't send me nasty e-mails...this is my opinion...[smile]) from agency those first couple of days...a lot of times because of a poor draft they desperately need to bolster their roster.

The See Free Agent Bids thing I believe just shows that someone has put a bid on a guy already.  You don't see how much they bid and you don't know who it is.

This allows you to I guess switch to another guy if you want to be more sure you will get someone.  Or, you may have to increase your bid in hopes you still get the guy.

Some people worry that a west coaster might log in at 1am and see who hasn't been bid on and they can find a guy who has no bids and bid on him at his salary.  Or, maybe they increase the bid on a guy to outbid another manager who was hoping to get the guy cheap.

I like the idea of being outbid randomly.  If I want the guy, I guess it is up to me to bid high enough.

Sorry, that is all in Ultimate and not Express.  I believe we should default to not seeing bids.

So, be ready to bid on a guy when he is listed as being a free agent for 3 days.  He will be eligible to be picked up that night

Also, please check your filters.  The default for the page usually only lists guys that have played at least 1 game...this tends to confuse people who may not realize a guy is sitting there that happens to have zero games in the stat pool (reference my stat pool entry).

If you don't see that you got your guy on your team headlines somewhere, you didn't get him.  Sorry, but that is how it works.  Check headlines right away when you log in to see if you got your guys.



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