Calculating salaries during the draft

Check the manual for great explanations of this.  But, one of the best parts of BBM is that salaries are

different for every single league because they are all set based on the your draft.  I don’t have the brain capacity anymore so I will use 1B for my example since the numbers a little easier to figure out.

If everyone ranks Votto as the #1 1B, his salary will be the maximum of 5000K.  Ranking a player #1 automatically assigns 500K of salary to him (You help decide a player’s salary).  10 managers rank him #1 (10 X 500 = 5000).  The salary drops 50K for every slot going down.  If I rank someone #3, I am assigning 400K to that player.

Once you get past #10 (50K is added), then only 10K will be added.  A minimum salary in BBM is 100K.  So, if everyone has someone at #11, he will be 100K.

Think about this when setting your salary caps.  You should be able to have a general idea of how much certain guys will be.  If you want to only spend 4000K, you should know about who you might be able to draft.  The draft can be less random than you realize if you pay attention to potential salaries.  You can get guys if you want them sometimes.  The higher you draft, the more control you have on who you get.

Just remember, if you slot someone #1, you are assigning them 500K no matter what.  If a couple of other guys do the same thing with the same guy, you may end up spending 2000K on a guy that is probably worth 400K.  Just things to think about.

PLEASE NOTE:  SP, OF go down by 20K, not 50K for calculating salary.  RP only have a max salary of 2500K and not the normal 5000K.  This was to help with not overpaying for RP.  They are important, but not worth spending more than 2500K for them.  It helps save you some money for other players too.






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