Let's play two. Yea, Yea the crusty ole manager The Bleak is ready for 
a new year of fun Baseball.  Our team owner Tonald Drump vows that
he will clean house if the the Spikes miss the playoffs again this year.

He met with the team and declared: "I spent a lot of money for the
greatest team in the history of baseball, with your sweat and my guts  we will get tired of winning
every game!"  He stomped out and our General Manager Tiny Tim gave us a pep rally as well. 

Well if I get a little agitated with all these &$*9##$^! nut cases I have hired a team
pysch for the team nurse Pealosis. 

Well enough of idle chatter, looks like some teams did very well in the draft. I have
a pretty good lhp, rhp lineup but a little thin on pitching and will be looking for some win/win trades.
Hope we have some fun DC chatter this year. 

The Bleak, Spikes 2019 


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Glad to hear that Tonald Drump is going to clean the swamp.  Not a bad team , but your nurse will kill anybody over 25. Too old.  Pitching is tough in the AL this year as there were not many gems once you threw back the Astro's staff. But the Rattlers are ready to do battle. We may not throw a 3 hitter, 2 hitter, 1 hitter, or no hitter. but we will try to beat you 8-7 . Going to be some wild games. Looking forward to seeing all on the Diamond.

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Where can I get one of those Red Trump hats?
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