• draft recap

    After your draft is over, you will be able to still see draft results. There is a draft recap link. It's the same draft results that you saw while...

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  • Draft Results

    I just had night one of draft results in my Ultimate league. You can now view draft results, your roster, and transactions. Mostly, draft results...

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  • Free Agents - Guy you released

    Sorry, I have been busy with basketball, birthday parties, and getting my draft lists worked on. I wanted to talk about free agents again, but in...

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  • Free Agents - Not yours

    Just going back over a few things that I might not have covered. After the draft, all players that weren't drafted and weren't on the original draft...

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  • Transactions Page - Get to know this one too

    A lot of love and hate for this page on the new web pages last year. This is a very important page in your daily tasks. This includes, Free agent...

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  • Setting your Reserve Rankings

    This can definitely win you a ball game or two a year I believe. You don't need to obsess over this if you don't want to, but realize that you will...

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  • Setting your Lineups

    I may have been a little off relief pitching. Express may not have long relief and short relief...just an FYI. It might only be in Ultimate. We...

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  • Draft Salaries

    Just a hint...we draft on the 31st. A lot of leagues post their results on the DC here prior to our date. You may be able to peruse around and see...

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  • Epress League #147 Lake Geneva NL needs a couple more mangers

    We are just a couple of more managers away from rounding out our league of new or newer BBM managers. Don't miss out on the fun. I will help you...

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  • Setting your Lineups - Promote/Demote

    I probably should have posted this first. You have 25 active roster spots and 3 bench spots that you can utilize. You can have more than 3 people...

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  • Setting Your Lineups - Relief Pitchers

    Relief Pitchers You basically set a priority for your relief pitchers...long relief versus short relief. If a long reliever is needed, the game...

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  • Setting your lineups - Starting Pitchers

    After getting your roster drafted and you have picked up your free agents. There will probably be a few days to start setting your lineups. I won't...

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  • Daily Processing - Get to know this

    I took this right from the manual. Get to know it, understand it. If you don't, you will end up with holes in your lineups or in your rotation. ...

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  • Post Draft Notes

    As I try to think of items I may have missed about the draft process, I thought I would talk a little bit about post-draft. After our 8 days of fun...

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  • Stat Pools - what am I talking about

    One of the cool aspects of BBM is how it integrates live stats into the nightly box scores. As you may have figured out by now, BBM runs daily for...

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  • Stats - what really matters

    I have been playing for 20+ years with a small gap of no activity. My buddy and I used to manager one team together and we missed the playoffs maybe...

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  • Calculating salaries during the Draft

    Calculating salaries during the draft Check the manual for great explanations of this. But, one of the best parts of BBM is that...

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  • Salaries and the Draft

    Salaries and The draft Batting is generally regarding as being a little more important and impactful than pitching. We’ll talk about...

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  • Join our League - #147 Express

    Join the league where I will be continual posting new thoughts on how to handle BBM throughout a season. For those that aren't sure if BBM is for...

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  • The Draft

    The Draft The draft is all automated for 8 nights (or I suppose all in one night). The night before the starting pitchers get drafted...

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  • Salary Caps

    Salary Caps The salary cap for your team is 40 million (40000K). Once you run out of money, you can’t acquire new guys. The...

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  • Draft Lists

    Draft Lists OK, so once you are in you will have 8 draft lists: Starting Pitchers, Outfield, first base, second base, shortstop, third...

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  • League Settings

    League Settings Here are the settings for the Express League that I have setup: Universe – National (Only NL guys for this one) ...

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  • Signups

    Signups If you are having trouble getting signed up with BBM in general, send me a message to me or post it on the board somewhere else. Once...

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  • Welcome to BBM!

    Welcome to BBM and the Diamond Club! I go by Willie here on the boards and monitor these boards to help out with questions that arise during the...

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