• may 26 results

    Any one having issues today. Got in once and it had results from previous day with May 26 date. Locked out now.

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    Started by JBees

  • Nick Senzel not on lineup page

    I obtained Nick Senzel in free agency. Put him up immediately and he was in my lineup for a good while. Now he doesn't show up anywhere (OF, or any...

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    Started by texasgary

  • Addison Russell

    I originally got Addison Russell on Draft Night, paid $480k. I have been waiting for his MLB suspension to be lifted and then I would get him. One of...

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    Started by patti5678

  • Asterisk frustration; what are the rules?

    Yesterday I put up Kris Bryant. The opposing pitcher, Sonny Gray is a RHP. Bryant had plenty of starts vs. RHP. He hit a triple and a homer, lots of...

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    Started by texasgary

  • Deak

    Cannot access anything? Signed up and was put in Anniston League and I cannot adjust any draft lists, when I make adjustments and submit it defaults...

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    Started by Deak

  • Computer fails to process free agent claim ... why?

    Yesterday I put in a Free Agent Claim. The Claiming, Releasing, and Cash Bid fields were filled in. I hit “submit claim.” At the top of the page,...

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    Started by texasgary

  • Stat pool problem

    Yesterday my BBM opponent put up a LHP (Max Fried). I did not start Kris Bryant, but he was on my Reserve Rankings list. Bryant plays for the Cubs,...

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    Started by texasgary

  • Releasing a player

    Can you release a player outright, that is without making a free agent claim or a trade?

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    Started by texasgary

  • Opposing pitcher ... MLB vs. BBM

    It's the real life MLB pitcher your player is facing on a given day that determines whether his live or stat pool data is used to score your game...

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    Started by texasgary

  • Lineup holes

    Neither of my 2b players has any LHP appearances left in his stat pool. Neither one faces a LHP for at least 3 games. Does that mean I'm forced to...

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    Started by texasgary

  • League Leader Page/ERA Leader

    Why isn't this showing the leader's? ERA Player TEAM ERA None

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    Started by Ump

  • Stat pool availability

    Is there any easy way to determine which performances in a player's stat pool are still available?

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    Started by texasgary

  • Pitcher both SP and RP, 3-days rest

    If you have a pitcher who is both SP and RP, and he is used as an RP, does he require 3-days rest after the relief appearance before he can start?

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    Started by texasgary

  • Stat pool for new player

    Suppose Team A has Player X and uses up 3 of his stat pool appearances. He then releases Player X, and I pick him up in free agency. Are those 3 stat...

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    Started by texasgary

  • Relief Pitching

    My Zombunnies of NL Keeper Archbald League #13 showed this pitching boxscore last nite: Zombunnies IP ER H BB SO * ...

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    Started by YoungbloodAllgood

  • Reserve Rankings

    If you change your reserve rankings, is the order only effective for the next day (or for the same day)?

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    Started by texasgary

  • Trades and free agent pick ups.

    while I have a trade under review, can I still pick up a free agent?

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    Started by walker

  • Happy Vlad-eve Day everyone!

    Hope you have a great day.

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    Started by Action

  • Locked pitcher on IL

    I have a locked pitcher, scheduled to start tomorrow, who was placed on the IL after I locked him. Is there any way to replace him?

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    Started by texasgary

  • Reserve Rankings Page

    Can you have the Ground Crews swing by and check the Reserve Rankings Page? It's the only page that will not download for me. It's happen several...

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    Started by Ump

  • Al Lorenzen missing stats

    SELECT TEAM: Phoenix Firebirds SHOW STATS: Season PITCHERS Player Hand W-L (Saves) Position Salary ERA...

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    Started by Tommy D

  • Why not use actual difference for standing tie-breakers?

    For instance the Rounders league has three teams tied for first place but the tie-breaker is an imaginary number that BBM creates to pretend it's a...

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    Started by TBo

  • Has anyone have a copy of theold time BBM?

    Hey folks, and do you remember at one time there was a report or email that explained BBM very well. It was like a history book on BBM Does any onw...

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    Started by bspeed3

  • Asterisks

    Last night every one of my position players started in an actual MLB game. I watched many of them, and saw that I was having a great offensive...

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    Started by texasgary

  • Schedule out of date.

    On our league schedule(TPE Hold EM), we are on April 25th, is anybody else on a future date. Two dates were skipped in the middle. Cookie

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    Started by cookie