• When?

    When do we pay for our keeper teams?

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    Started by TBo

  • 2/10/19 ! Certificate Error

    ! Certificate Error https://www.baseballmanager.com/fantasy-baseball/index.jsp My PC does want to let me go to BBM Go Daddy secure Certificate...

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    Started by MLB15

  • DC - getting around

    The Diamond Club has two primary views - Categories and Topics. Switch to whichever one you prefer by clicking the word in the top Toolbar. Each...

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    Started by Art

  • Loading starting players against lefties

    The automatic load of my batters against lefties does not seem to work. The game always load the lineup against righties. Does anyone know what the...

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    Started by walker

  • Winter Games

    Does anyone know what time games start? I know we have 3 games per day and I want to be able to make lineup changes between each game.

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    Started by wmaes03

  • Editing Posts

    To edit one of your own posts, click on the little down arrow at the top right corner of your message. A drop down menu will display three options -...

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    Started by Art

  • Removing Categories

    If you aren’t interested in seeing certain categories you can delete them from your screen. Click on the “X” at the right hand side of the...

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    Started by Art

  • New DC notes

    It’s nice to know if there are any new notes posted on the Diamond Club since you last visited. There are a couple of ways to do this. 1. You can...

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    Started by Art

  • Winter bbm

    Winter BBM is planning a startup in early December.

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    Started by Art

  • Monthly payment

    I have sent Rich numerous e mails to stop charging my credit card 9.95 for BBM with no response. How do I go about stopping it

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    Started by shoelessjoe

  • Keeper Leagues off-season

    Access is open for all managers of Keeper League teams. You may make free agent claims and trades. Note that there are some unique rules during the...

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    Started by Art

  • Manager of Year? Long Season i know

    I never brag but wanted to say how impressed/proud I am with how my BBM teams are doing to start the season. Doing 4 leagues as opposed to my normal...

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    Started by ashaw1

  • Last day for season data

    Today (3rd day after Game 162 results) is the last day to view the season-long standings and statistics. So, if you want to save them you must to...

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    Started by Art

  • Ultimate Moundsville Googles

    Can't promote Hamels and Bader. Get message ger that I have too many players in the minors

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    Started by tomwartenberg

  • Playoff Relief Pitchers

    I have two pitchers - Carlos Martinez and Antonia Senzatela who are starting pitchers with relief appearances. Neither one shows availability as a...

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    Started by Slammer-Beagles

  • Printing Stats at Season End

    As we get closer to the end of the season, I recall that last year that all of the stats reset on the same day that final game results showed. Many...

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    Started by keithddavid

  • relief pitchers in playoffs

    I only have two relief pitchers that qualify for the playoffs. I have until game #160 to add some. A)can I add an RP that has never played on my team...

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    Started by nfl6

  • Locking a SP with zero starts

    Question I should know but have not encountered. Edwin Jackson is current with 0 starts but he is pitching tonight in real life. If I place him into...

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    Started by bennyfine

  • releasing pitcher

    can I release a pitcher on the night of his start without " no starter penalty" seems like I did it a long time ago and was penalized ...

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    Started by tpertile

  • NL RP's

    I can't get into my NL RP's to adjust them. No issue on the AL RP's in my other league. Also tried a different browser. Does this happen to anyone...

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    Started by Kafman

  • RP Question

    What's the shortest long-relief app? ( I know I could probably look this up, but I haven't had all my coffee yet.) I think it's 1.3 innings,...

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    Started by YoungbloodAllgood

  • Why BBM will never be like real baseball.

    I just looked at the extended standings for the AL West to see the teams breakdown against LH/RH starters. If we had those stats in BBM we could use...

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    Started by TBo

  • Question/Request for Commissioner (Urgent)

    Hello, Aaron Nola is one of the pitchers on my team in the Federal Express League. I've been starting him every 5 days in my rotation. Because he...

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    Started by cthulhux

  • Hechavarria

    Good morning, When will the Hechavarria deletion be processed?

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    Started by Dragon

  • Duda

    When is Duda scheduled to be deleted....?

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    Started by Z