• Japan games data

    Data from the two games played in Japan won’t immediately show up on your rosters. The regular Opening Day here in America is already coded in for...

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    Started by Art

  • Dallas Keuchel Question

    He is listed on the AL starting pitcher draft list. If you draft him and he signs with a NL team do you get your money refunded? Does it make a...

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    Started by Casey

  • 2 Keeper salary questions

    A player who's a 3-yr or greater keeper is showing "draft" on my preseason roster. If I set him as a keeper, I understand his projected...

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    Started by YoungbloodAllgood

  • Transaction Errors

    I'm in KEEPER Leagues and when I click on TRANSACTIONS, I keep gettin an ERROR MESSAGE highlighted in RED... I made a Trade yesterday and it...

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    Started by Tony~

  • What is the last date for an 8 day draft and a full 162 game season?

    What is the last date for keeper leagues to start an 8 day draft and play a full 162 game season? Also, is there a place where this info is...

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    Started by LarryM

  • Download Rosters

    Downloading rosters to a spreadsheet can be a pain because of all the extraneous stuff that comes along with the player names. A spreadsheet has been...

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    Started by Art

  • 2nd year keeper league

    Can someone please tell me how to keep the players I want. I've got six players shaded so I'm presuming the league made them my keepers. Sale,...

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    Started by bschlafke


    If I keep 4SP when would I make my first draft? Would it be the 5th round based on remaining salary?

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    Started by Howiestock

  • Draft lists won't make changes

    When I rank my players and hit submit my changes don't take. Anyone else having this problem?

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    Started by Kcook3

  • Twitter Feeds

    Hope everyone noticed something new on their Member Home page (the page where your teams are listed). There is now a Twitter feed at the bottom right...

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    Started by Art

  • BBM Player

    If anyone knows Douglas Tverstol current email address, please have him contact me at joysoldad@gmail.com regarding league formation for this...

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    Started by joysoldad

  • Categories vs. Topics

    The Diamond Club has two primary views - Categories and Topics . They display different ways of viewing the notes we write. Switch to...

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    Started by Art

  • Keepers not on the draft list

    I cannot recall whether players you want to tag as 'keeper' but who do not show up on draft list, do they get drafted for your team or do they stay...

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    Started by bbmcoachbuck

  • BBM opened March 8

    BBM opens today March 8.

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    Started by Art

  • Raw Score Difference

    From the BBM Manual: The team with the greater Raw Score wins the game except for very close games in leagues using the Stadium Factor. (See GRF...

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    Started by Art

  • Opener Pitchers a la Tampa Bay last season

    Assuming no changes to accommodate that issue by BBM, has anyone come up with a way to handle this in the draft?

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    Started by Wudz

  • Keeper draft question

    At the very beginning of the SP draft, in keeper leagues, is the draft order in the first round determined by which team has the most $$$ left after...

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    Started by YoungbloodAllgood

  • Editing Posts

    To edit one of your own posts, click on the little down arrow at the top right corner of your message. A drop down menu will display three options -...

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    Started by Art

  • Removing Categories

    If you aren’t interested in seeing certain categories you can delete them from your screen. Click on the “X” at the right hand side of the...

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    Started by Art

  • New DC notes

    It’s nice to know if there are any new notes posted on the Diamond Club since you last visited. There are a couple of ways to do this. 1. You can...

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    Started by Art