• Opening Day!!

    Baseball started today. Seattle played Oakland over in Japan. Finally a box score that counts. YES!

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    Started by Art

  • Congratulations Mike Trout

    Mike Trout is reported to be signing an extension of 12 years for 430 million dollars. That’s an average of over 36 million dollars per year!! In...

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    Started by Magoo

  • Future Baseball

    There is an interesting article in MLB Trade Rumors today about rule changes professional baseball is kicking around. Major League Baseball will be...

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    Started by Art

  • Salvador Perez

    Awful news about him having to have Tommy John surgery. This year is shot for him. He’s going to have second opinion on Tuesday but that’s...

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    Started by Art

  • Pay services for player news

    Years ago I tried one of the pay services to receive player news updates. It was pretty much like Rotoworld so I stopped using it. Just wondering...

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    Started by Art

  • MLB Playoffs

    Gee that seemed like a stupid thing to do - trying to score from 2nd base on a wild pitch. The Colorado pitcher had already thrown two wild pitches...

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    Started by Art

  • Love this game, might play Express only next year

    Here are my stats for Nolan Arenado, from Cool Beans in TPE Genesis League (this team finished 5th, 2 games out of the playoffs): ...

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    Started by YoungbloodAllgood

  • Did you see that?

    Top of the 7th. Milwaukee batting. Cubs infield goes into defensive shift. I go into silent rage because I don’t like this kind of super...

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    Started by Art

  • Free Baseball

    Being retired has its benefits. I can't wait to watch both NL games tomorrow for the Division Champion. I'll get to see real baseball at its finest.

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    Started by Gordon

  • Close Race

    Boise Summer has one of the closer races in BBM this year. 8 teams still have a legitimate chance at the title as the 8th place team is only 4 games...

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    Started by Art

  • question releasing player

    can I release a pitcher on the night of his start without " no starter penalty" seems like I did it a long time ago and was penalized ...

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    Started by tpertile

  • Kopech out

    Michael Kopech is now out and will miss next year with the Tommy John surgery. Unbelievable. First Ohtani, now Kopech. The two top pitching...

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    Started by Art

  • Trades

    Lots of fun (and no small measure of angst) watching all this info come in right now.

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    Started by Art

  • Art O’Donnell passing

    Sad to report that a veteran BBM manager has died. Art O’Donnell played at least 20 years according to longtime friend Norman Bair (Polar Bear). He...

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    Started by Art

  • QUIZ: Who is the older player?

    https://www.mlb.com/cut4/can-you-guess-which-one-of-these-mlb-stars-is-older/c-280209314 I got 8 of 10. Tricky.

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    Started by Rzbyr

  • Oh No Sano! Twins optioned 3B Miguel Sano to High-A Fort Myers.

    Twins optioned 3B Miguel Sano to High-A Fort Myers. Sano set career-highs in home runs (28) and RBI (77) last season while earning his first...

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    Started by Rzbyr

  • Ohtani

    As if today's news hasn't been bad enough...Ohtani may need Tommy John surgery. Ugh.

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    Started by Art

  • Need incantations, potions, witchcraft

    My Yardbirds in Coast to Coast have lost 10 straight. It's probably Bryce Harper's fault, but I'm liable to drown myself in Poolboys pool or maybe...

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    Started by Youngblood Allgood

  • Hey Hey Hey


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    Started by Ump

  • Baseball Cube

    Anybody ever used this site, for daily e-mailed individual player stats? I think there used to be some free sites for this, but can't find them...

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    Started by YoungbloodAllgood

  • Ohtani

    What a difference a couple of months make. Had you asked me in January where Shohei Ohtani would be drafted and how much he'd cost I'd have said he'd...

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    Started by Art

  • Rusty Staub

    Le Grand Orange What a nickname. What a career (23 years MLB). What a life lived. RIP

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    Started by Magoo

  • Mechanical Question

    I have been playing BBM for about 25 years and this question has never interested me; but it does this year because I have been sniped on free agent...

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    Started by rbwhitney

  • BBM is coming soon!

    This is one of my favorite times of the year. We've been working on the draft lists for several days and that is so much fun. I know that as soon as...

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    Started by Art

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wishing everyone a wonderful joyous Thanksgiving and hope you have plenty to be thankful for.

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    Started by Art