• Questers II 2019

    Hi Guys, All eyes are on the Machado Harper talks as many teams look to add those guys. With our new One team format with our league of HTN, LAD,...

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    Started by JBees

  • Questers II 3team keeper

    Hi, A new keeper league needs 5. Format for this year play only your host team, after season pick your other two teams via a snake draft based on...

    111 0 841

    Started by jbabb1955

  • Touch 'Em All in '18

    Put Up Wet is all in! This game can't be as hard as I made it last year.

    3 0 86

    Started by YBAllgood

  • Questers

    New league forming for 2015. 2 in 5 lefty option, Stadium Factor, show bid. 4 BBM vets thus far. Email or post if interested.

    427 0 16,223

    Started by JBees

  • Money League(NO ROBOTS!)

    Hi. Anybody looking for a real league? Not filled with robots? I hope to start a new UL league(both AL/AND NL if new). I want each player to put in...

    7 0 163

    Started by Ohio Cardinals

  • Touch 'Em All 2017

    Tonight's the last night of the draft, my team has enough $$$ left to raise the RP salary cap above the minimum! Strange... 'blood/Put Up Wet

    9 0 79

    Started by YBAllgood

  • Dobbs Ferry League

    Welcome! This chat page is now operative. Coach Bubba is really Ken from Belleview Florida (just outside of The Villages). Financial Advisor by...

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    Started by Coach Bubba

  • Laguna Beach Two Team League

    Thought I'd set up our league name topic to lesson confusion. Looking forward to see how this works out.

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    Started by Righty

  • League of Teams

    welcome to the landing spot for our new league. Thanks to BBM for giving us the opportunity to try some new ways to play the game at no additional...

    154 0 1,110

    Started by Magoo


    Hi, I have been playing for years and my league mates are boycotting the new price hike. so wanted to know if any UL need a very good anti robo...

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    Started by Ohio Cardinals

  • BBM AU Games In Rain Delay

    Some of our AU leagues are in a rain delay. Appears tarps are being removed in some stadiums, and play could resume shorty. One league, has already...

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    Started by Ump

  • League 4084 Needs players...

    Come join and lets start the draft

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    Started by Uncle Mike

  • Two team league

    Hi Checking to see if there is any interest in a two team league. Here is the format. NL NYM and 1st pick on non playoff AL team SF and 2nd pick...

    40 0 265

    Started by jbabb1955

  • AU Premier

    Well Boy Z must have been very nice because Santa was very generous. Maeda/Strasburg/Cole/Tallion/Carrasco and Joe Ross for 3.360 exceeded my wildest...

    0 0 29

    Started by Z


    Too all those orphans out their. Should you need a league get hold of me asap! My league died because people were not happy about paying the extra...

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    Started by Ohio Cardinals

  • New league two

    Someone had an idea, since we have free leagues, to have a team consisting of players from only 2 teams. It's a fun alternate league for a grizzled...

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    Started by Lavalovers