• Assateague

    Hey guys... new DC. Come on over! Spring training games just four days away! The old DC will not be transferred but will be active another couple...

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    Started by Bur

  • Archbald 2019

    Welcome everybody! It is that time again. Spring training is around the corner. First order of business is Pre-season rules. I am hoping Hound...

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    Started by The Falcon

  • Diamond League has an opening!

    Diamond League has an opening ... Manager bailed last year. Roster functional but needs solid manager to take over. Roster attached.

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    Started by Whisper

  • National League Keeper

    I am looking for a national league keeper league. Thanks in advance. Bubba

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    Started by Bubba416

  • Inspirer's

    A new season and pretty sure Big Al is ready for the challenge to repeat.

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    Started by SayHey

  • Archbald 2018

    The Falcon is ready. I am smelling lots of raw meat here for the Vultures. Let the games begin!!! Don't be thinking any of you will be beating...

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    Started by The Falcon

  • Archbald 2016

    Good morning Archbald!!!

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    Started by The Hound

  • Cactus - Hot topics

    Creating an HTTP for the minor league proposal and discussion. Details to follow.

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    Started by Andrew Longshots/C22s

  • Wood River

    Wood River is a 2.4-mile-long (3.9 km) tributary of the Mississippi River , which it joins near East Alton, Illinois , to the northeast of ...

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    Started by Magoo

  • Archbald 2017

    Thought I would start a new topic for the 2017 season. Don't see the logic of continuing a 2016 topic from a year ago. Its a new year and we should...

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    Started by The Falcon

  • Ripper League

    Looking forward tp first keeper leagee Moscow BC Dynamo How many players we keep?

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    Started by Rzbyr

  • Kiski League

    The 2014 NL Keeper League Kiski is Alive and Full with the addition of 2 very seasoned New Managers........Welcome Tony and Bubba.....Hopefully the...

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    Started by Boss

  • Poudre River NL Keeper

    Long, long standing NL Keeper needs ONE, The Poudre River has been around since Prodigy Days. Thats not what makes it so good, it's the...

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    Started by woody

  • In search of keeper NL.

    I am looking either for a new keeper league NL or to take over a team in an established keeper league NL. I play through and am competitive. Bubba

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    Started by Bubba416

  • Cactus-2017

    Greetings, Cactus faithful. A replacement has been found to take the place of JJ, so he'll be on the books as soon as I can get him in. Now that...

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    Started by The Judge

  • on the road again

    I know every back door out of the HOTEL CALIFORNIA, used to work the late desk there......heading out in the morning for two plus great jersey shore...

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    Started by Poolboy

  • Clemente league

    I heard Pinetar cut ties with keepers is simply progression. I thought I'd start a new thread.

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    Started by TBo

  • Atlantis Formally of Pinetar

    NL keeper league, Atlantis has an opening. The league has been around for 10+ years and has a lot of solid manager. If you are interested in...

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    Started by Fleabag

  • Opening in Patriot NL Keeper

    Ladies and Gentlemen: An opening has become available in Patriot NL Keeper and the league is looking for a committed and qualified manager to take...

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    Started by Hammer

  • Ocala

    Now that the league is full, I thought I would create a home for us.

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    Started by CynicalTim

  • Diamond League Keeper-Opening

    I am signed up for league since I won League Championship last year, but leaving. First place team up for grabs at negotiable price. Let me know. ...

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    Started by Bean Counter

  • Cactus 2015

    Congrats to Dubya on winning the league title 2 years in a row. You are a great guy and BBMer. Chico is the man our BBM! Ambassador, with the...

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    Started by Lavalovers

  • Oil City 2017

    we can start to talking about draft date lefty pitchers trade review and show free agent bids or anything else like trades

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    Started by capote

  • Outcast League NL Keeper #15 Needs 2 Managers

    League established in 1998 with rock solid managers, mostly misfits, trash talking encouraged. Very high participation. (We even have a Canadian who...

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    Started by robertcherrington

  • Archbald

    Aacckkk!!! This was kind of a shock. The good news is that for the next hour or two we have a chance to outpost Assataaewaweigjgeee, or whatever...

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    Started by The Hound