• TPE C to C 2019

    I'm getting confused by all the emails! Who's still in this league? Poolboy says he'll play, and I think Kevin, John, Big Don, Ducky, are in. I...

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    Started by Youngblood Allgood

  • TPE Senior Circuit

    Here's what I've got from the voting app: 8 Total votes. Manager Name League Name Draft Date (date to see first results)...

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    Started by Z

  • TPE Coast-to-Coast

    Just getting the ball rolling here in the new digs.

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    Started by Ed Zachary

  • Atlantis 2017

    I am happy with my starting pitchers after not keeping any i get six pretty good pitchers Arrieta will lead the staff followed by...

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    Started by capote

  • TPE Clemente

    Wonder if Phoolboy been here? Surprised he didn't take this locker.

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    Started by Ump

  • Anybody need a new franchise?

    For the love of god i cant find a league. Anybody out their need a long standing franchise? The Ohio Cardinals have been playing for 4 years and my...

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    Started by Ohio Cardinals

  • Atlantis 2015

    Posted this in our 2014 thread, thought we should get a new one started.. Sure feels like spring on the West Coast - smells like baseball.....

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    Started by kylesac1

  • TPE Crackerjack

    Managers, don't forget to send in your keeper dues to Lady Cat. Remember, BBM don't collect dues for Pinetar Keeper Leagues.

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    Started by Ump