• How about pickin up two FA's/night?

    Has this ever been bandied about? Sure could use that ability tonite. 'blood

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    Started by YoungbloodAllgood

  • Change Tiebreaker Rules

    Instead of fixed differential, which penalizes low-scoring pitching teams, use a percentage of the differential to trigger tie-breakers. For...

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    Started by Barn Owl

  • $2 trial pricing

    Apologies if this topic has been beaten to death, but I have to admit I'm disappointed to see the $2 trial pricing back this year. I appreciate that...

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    Started by BYoung

  • Export "remaining" stats to Excel

    I'd like to be able to group my teams' remaining stats by slugging %, instead of just batting average, so I'd like to be able to export the...

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    Started by YoungbloodAllgood

  • Show locked players on roster page

    It would be helpful if on the team roster page locked players were indicated (like on promote/demote page). This would be helpful when seeing what a...

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    Started by bbmcoachk

  • Position availability

    It would be very helpful, if at least on the Roster screen, to show all positions for which a player is available instead of the one position in...

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    Started by Coach Bubba

  • Selecting the DH

    This has become more challenging than ever. You click the box to show you the options and you get a long list, but many of the players are listed at...

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    Started by Action

  • Transaction lookup

    Where did it go? Am I just missing it? You used to be able to look up a player and see the season history of transactions. Ex. Sonny Gray drafted...

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    Started by Action

  • Small Change Request for FA page

    When I click on the days, I like the sort being low to high. However, every other category (except ERA for the pitchers), I want the first click to...

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    Started by Action

  • Suggestions with free agents

    Long time player, love the game. First I wonder why there can't be an area where owners list who might be available and what needs there team have....

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    Started by larz

  • Suggestion - Free Agent Cash Bid Starting Amount

    The cash bid $ amount for free agents appears to be carrying over between players/submissions. I don't think this is how it worked in years past...? ...

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    Started by Nilsner

  • Search for Players status

    Now that BBM had encouraged managers to play in even more leagues than previous, it would be REAL nice if you could search for a player across all...

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    Started by Action

  • League standings page with Upcoming SP

    I haven't been able to find the page that shows the league standings with the starting pitchers posted for that day and the 2 following days (so 3...

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    Started by Storm of the "Canes

  • Transactions Page

    Could we get a rewrite of this page? Right now it is a random and disorganized list. It is frankly hard to see what happened at a glance. Would be...

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    Started by Barn Owl

  • Show L/R appearances

    Show lefty/righty appearances on Roster page and/or Promote-Demote page. It's a pain in the keister having to promote a player just to see lefty...

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    Started by MLB15

  • What happened to the League directory page?

    The page that listed all the leagues is gone. It was possible to click on a league and see who was in it, rosters, and standings. The address used...

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    Started by Coog

  • Safari users

    We discovered why some users have an issue accessing BBM with a Safari browser, on any Apple device (Mac, iPhone, etc...) There is an option in...

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    Started by BBM Grounds Crew

  • A problem with opening Keepers early

    OK, so I don't have a problem with getting people to pay early and they grab some FAs from the list. I mean, heck, they were FAs at the end of the...

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    Started by Action

  • Keeper league question

    The "year" category is missing for players? Kinda important for trade/salary considerations....

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    Started by Z

  • Off-Season Keeper Leagues

    Creating this Topic for any feedback on off-season Keepers. Please post any questions or issues here. Off-season Keeper League FAQ's 1. What...

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    Started by BBM Grounds Crew

  • Suggestions for 2016 and beyond

    I know that some of these are even being tested this off-season, but I figured that I'd start a list of things that could be, IMHO, improved on the...

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    Started by Action