• LOCK-in 1st SP TODAY

    Lock-in your 1st Starting Pitcher today (Sunday, April 14). Make sure your 1st SP is in the top unlocked slot. If you like to align your pitchers...

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    Started by Art

  • Salary Caps and Injured List

    1. We released a fix to the Salary Caps page for Keepers during the draft phase. The game was including 3+ year players in the Actual Spending...

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    Started by BBM Grounds Crew

  • BBM Updates for 2019!

    Hi everyone, We implemented a few enhancements this year in BBM: - Raw Score now wins the game The team with the greater Raw Score wins the...

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    Started by BBM Grounds Crew

  • League Commissioner

    The commissioner of your league, ie the manager who can update league settings before the draft, is now shown on your League Settings page. If you...

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  • BBM 2019 is open!!!

    The 2019 BBM Season is officially open!!! This is our 30th season! Many of you have been with us from the beginning, and we thank you! You can...

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    Started by BBM Grounds Crew